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Vernicos Group of Companies is one of the oldest existing maritime enterprises in Greece. It was founded in Constantinople in the mid 19th century under the name “BOSPHORUS” by Emmanuel N. Vernicos (1835-1915) who was born on the Island of Sifnos in the Cyclades. Its first activity was to transport people and petroleum barrels from one side of Bosphorus to the other with rowing and sailing boats.

The son of Emmanuel, Nicolas E. Vernicos (1869-1947) gave the company its present name. Under its new form it operated with steam tugs offering towage services to vessels transiting the Bosphorus and later added salvage tugs to render salvage services to endangered ships in the area and in Greek waters. In 1906 Nicolas E. Vernicos purchased his first cargo ship, the S/S VARVARA ex Sofia.
After the first World War, and because of the persecution of the Greeks, Nicolas E. Vernicos brought his wife and 8 children by tug boats to Sifnos and set up his headquarters in Piraeus.
Although the Vernicos fleet was sunk during the Second World War, the company grew again with the help of Nicolas’ four sons (Emmanuel 1900-1947), Dimitri (1907-1996), Constantine (1910-1984) and Alexander (1916-1991) and became the leader in towage and salvage during the postwar years – a position it still maintains today in the 21st century in harbour towage.
This historic group of shipping companies is run today by the fifth generation of the Vernicos family, who have developed in ocean going shipping, and successfully diversified in professional yachting, tourism and other maritime, civil aviation and on-shore activities and financial services.

Why Vernicos?

It is our goal to maintain a versatile and reliable fleet and to render our services throughout the industry cycles.


    Is the leading Greek towage and salvage operator in Greece /East Med/ Black Sea/ Red Sea


    Occupies professional experienced employees to assist imminently when vessels in Greek waters are in potential danger (risk to life/property at sea or pollution risk).

  • SINCE 1930

    Involved in numerous salvage operations since 1930, most of which under LOF’s


    Holds close relationship with clients in all segments of the shipping market, providing ship-owners with openness and trust and facilitating towage and salvage development.


    Has a 150 year history of presence and support to the country throughout various difficulties, resulting in reliable bonds which are priceless assets today.